Cash Machine Trader service

Have you ever wished that someone would simply SHOW you how to earn a consistent income from short-term trading?

Would you like someone to actually GIVE YOU the trades to make — when to enter and when to exit… and then stand by you as the profits add up?

Well, believe it or not, there is a way, and it's by joining Bryan Perry's brand-new service, Cash Machine Trader – a step-by-step, covered-call writing advisory for traders of all levels.

Bryan monitors the markets so that you don't have to. He whittles down the universe of possible covered-call trades and simply hands you the very best and timeliest opportunities. Each trade will take you just a few minutes to execute from start to finish, yet can produce 5% to 20% returns every 8 weeks. You'll begin generating income almost immediately.

This new service is a chance to create income where none exists – a fancy name for this is "synthetic dividends." For example, if you have a top-performing stock that has the potential for substantial capital gains... but it either doesn't pay a dividend or only pays a small dividend... then Cash Machine Trader provides a way to get the capital gains from ownership of this outstanding stock... AND generate income right now through the sale of covered calls.

In addition to these covered-call trades, Cash Machine Trader also offers another option-selling strategy known as naked puts. In this bullish technique, you'll sell put options on leadership stocks and thereby cash in on their next rally – all without ever owning the underlying shares.

And unlike dividend stocks, both of these strategies allow you to receive an instantaneous payment. You don't have to wait for a monthly or quarterly distribution. The money is deposited into your account immediately, within moments of executing the trade order.

So, if you're looking for a realistic, proven way to grow a small portfolio into a large one over the next several months and years, then Cash Machine Trader is your best bet by far.

You have nothing to lose... and a new regular income, for life, to win.

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