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About Bryan Perry and Cash Machine Trader

About Bryan Perry

A leading expert in the world of high-income investing, Bryan Perry has been bringing his wealth-building insights to individual investors and institutions for nearly 30 years. Bryan is frequently featured in ForbesBusiness Week and CBS' MarketWatch and often participates as a guest speaker on numerous investment forums and conferences around the country.

In 2009, Bryan launched his flagship Cash Machine advisory service with the specific goal of helping individual investors capture 2-, 3-, even 5-times more income than what's provided by conventional investments.

Bryan's experience allows him to not only find lucrative wealth streams that other investors miss, he is able to craft easy-to-implement strategies that meet his subscribers' financial goals, whether those goals are generating high monthly income, building a portfolio to resist bear markets, or participating in specific sectors like emerging market debt or the boom in U.S. energy production.

Prior to launching Cash Machine, Bryan spent more than 20 years working as a financial adviser for major Wall Street firms, including Bear Stearns, Paine Webber and Lehman Brothers. In 1999, Bryan started his own investment management company, Alexander Perry Corporation, to provide individual investors with innovative and unbiased wealth-building strategies they just couldn't get from the big Wall Street institutions.

Then, in 2013, Bryan launched his Extreme Income advisory service, which utilizes the same high-yield strategy employed in Cash Machine, with the added bonus of using portfolio margin to boost the overall portfolio yield up to 40%. The Extreme Income service also makes use of several different Income Booster strategies, such as mid-quarter momentum stocks, dividend capture, naked puts and, of course, covered calls. 

About Cash Machine Trader

Cash Machine Trader was developed from Bryan Perry's tried and true trading mantra, "income first -- capital appreciation second." When Bryan started his original Cash Machine high-yield trading service in 2009, his goal was to craft a portfolio of reliable dividend payers with yields between 5% and 20% that would provide a of stream of income even during the most difficult markets.

From there, Bryan developed his Extreme Income service, which utilizes the power of portfolio margin and several income boosting strategies to push the overall Extreme Income portfolio yield over 40%.

Now, he's increasing that income stream even further by using covered call writing strategies to generate up to 30% in additional yield in the form of option premium – on top of the dividend and capital appreciation income from well-known blue-chips and stocks already held in the Cash Machine portfolio. The strategies have such limited risk that they're ideal for retirement accounts.

To help investors like you successfully execute these strategies, each Tuesday, Bryan sends out a Weekly Issue with a complete review of our Cash Machine Trader game plan, two to three detailed covered call recommendations, new opportunities he sees on the horizon and more.  In addition to the two to three covered call recommendations per Weekly Issue, and Bryan will also give two to three "bonus" naked put writing recommendations per month.

When there's an action to take between regular updates, Bryan will send alerts with up-to-the-minute advice. There are times when the market moves very quickly, and when it does, Bryan actively guides Cash Machine Trader members through it.

If you're looking for an advisor who can help you see the big picture while providing you with detailed strategies for getting the most out of your long-term stock holdings and extracting short-term profits from market moves, Cash Machine Trader is ideal for you.

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